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Since 2006 BRHG have organised over 250 events;staging walks,会谈,全球信息栅格,历史再现,电影,展览,trips through the archives and fireside story telling.我们有几个积极的研究项目,金博宝出版一系列书籍和小册子,并在本网站上保存档案。

BRHG 金博宝projects and events are organised by local people from 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol and are NOT funded by universities,政党,business or local government.To break even we rely on members giving their labour for free,donations from the audiences and the sale of 金博宝 188bet.netpublications.

BRHg与布里斯托尔的其他几个历史群体有关,包括金博宝亚洲体育Remembering the Real World War One,请Eastville Workhouse Memorial Groupand the对抗科尔斯顿集团.BRHG最近也成为International History From Below Network.


1.00pm,周三,5月8日.In 1972 the remains of over 4,000 inmates of the Eastville Workhouse were disinterred and reburied in unmarked common graves atAvonview公墓在里面St George.The Eastville Workhouse Memorial Group will be unveiling a memorial gravestone to remember these people who lived and died in the workhouse.

New BRHG booklet: Mabel Tothill

Mabel Tothill前盖June Hannam's pamphlet examines the life and work of Mabel Tothill (1869 – 1964),贵格会和平活动家,socialist and 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol's first woman councillor.It reveals how this committed social activist was part of a complex network of individuals and organisations working to improve the lives of 金博宝亚洲体育B金博宝亚洲体育ristol women and men.Read more here...


Refusing to Kill front cover

Over 580 men from the 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol area refused to fight in World War 1.They claimed the status of conscientious objector (CO) for moral,宗教或政治原因。Some agreed to take non-military roles while others spent much of the war in prison,often under harsh conditions.这本小册子和它所依据的展览讲述了这些COS以及支持他们的男女的故事。金博宝亚洲体育Read more here...

Recent Books


Clevedon-born author and historian Jan Morris describes herself as ‘by loyalty Welsh',以热情和雄辩的口吻写下她的主题。As a book that captures the spirit of […]更多


刚刚完成大规模攻击:离开舒适区,由Tangent Books和Richard Jones提供。It's a detailed history of the band from the early eighties through to 2018 by […]更多


Rojava国际公社的“让Rojava再次变绿”运动始于2018年初。I am pleased and impressed that they have now published this inspirational […]更多


Regardless of the 2015 publishing date given,this book is currently (last checked December 2018) just available in hardback,and must have been withheld due to the ongoing release […]更多

Wiltshire's Radical History

Wiltshire's Radical History - Covers

Contributors: Steve Poole – Hanged at the scene of their crime.罗西·麦格雷戈——安吉拉·塔克特。奈杰尔·科斯特利——西部叛军。梅丽莎·巴内特——佛罗伦萨夫人梅·汉考克。[…]更多

The Sons of Belial

这是一本非常好的书,非常有用。Even though the bulk of the book is set in the North West of England,there is a wider historical scope.Which would be very useful […]更多

The Gallows Pole

Cover of novel featuring silhouette of figure with noose for hanging in background.

The Gallows Pole is a wonderful novel set in 18th Century Yorkshire.这是基于一个真实的故事,关于格拉格斯谷铸币厂。铸币工剪硬币。If you look at your £1 coin,[…]更多

Socialist History (51)

Journal Review: "Left Intellectuals after 1956"may not sound like the most exciting of titles but the latest edition of Socialist History (no 51) contains a lot of fascinating […]更多

金博宝亚洲体育Bristol from Below

在布里斯托尔激进历史小金博宝 188bet.net金博宝亚洲体育组(BRHG)中,我们不断地从下面追寻更多的历史。Researching,writing and celebrating our history.那些人的历史更多

No Is Not Enough

When a new Naomi Klein book comes along it is certain to be a part of the zeitgeist.因此,最近出版的《不》是不够的:击败新的震惊政治不是··········更多



我的搭档给我带来了这本圣诞书。它的价格是2/6,about 12p in today's prices.我希望她付出的比这更多,但这个经典是无价的。这本是[…]更多


WuMing 54 Cover

What does the Italian/ American mafia,the Italian Communist Party,加里·格兰特提托元帅,the KGB,麦格里芬电视有共同点吗?Well read this book and you will […]更多



If you walk down Market Street in St.John's,安提瓜和巴布达的首都,你会看到一座宏伟的石头建筑,它曾经是法院,现在被称为[…]更多


一年多前,一个研究项目启动,在布里斯托尔市中心爱德华·科尔斯顿的雕像上设计并安装一个“矫正”牌匾。金博宝亚洲体育It was […]更多

Lest we forget – A Life of Pleasure?

在去年一位BRHG成员透露消息后,我过着愉快的生活。我去布里斯托尔档案馆看了看哈利·鲍德在19世纪90年代写的一些日记。金博宝亚洲体育Bow,a […]更多



Should society memorialise a Slave Trader?

如果你在布雷肯的托马斯·菲利普斯上尉的故居和前房子的后面走来走去,located along Captains Walk,you will notice a rather handsome slate […]更多

Frederick Douglass in 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol

After the Frederick Douglass event in the city on Bank Holiday Monday (28 May,2018) in which BRHG members took part and which drew several hundred people we are publishing this […]更多

A Brief Political And Economic Introduction To 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol […]

16世纪和17世纪发生了许多经济和政治变革,为布里斯托尔玻璃工业的建立奠定了基础。金博宝亚洲体育In 1522 […]更多


I interviewed Florence Exten-Hann in March 1973 and this article appeared in the socialist feminist magazine Red Rag (no.3 1973).It draws also on notes she wrote about her life […]更多


Introduction On 11th November 2017 Colston's Girls' School (CGS) announced that they would not be changing the name of the school,尽管与爱德华·科尔斯顿有联系,the […]更多

Edward Colston研究论文2

Introduction This research article is an examination of the Royal African Company (RAC) and the role of Edward Colston (b.1636天。1721) within the organisation as both an investor […]更多



Edward Colston研究论文1

Introduction Edward Colston was an investor,official and eventually deputy governor of the Royal African Company (RAC) from 1680-92.在此期间,RAC购买并[…]更多



Refusing to Kill front cover

Over 580 men from the 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol area refused to fight in World War 1.They claimed the status of conscientious objector (CO) for moral,宗教或政治原因。一些人同意[…]更多


Mabel Tothill前盖

June Hannam's pamphlet examines the life and work of Mabel Tothill (1869 – 1964),贵格会和平活动家,socialist and 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol's first woman councillor.It reveals how this […]更多



在航海女性中,金博宝亚洲体育Rosemary Caldicott explores the stories of 金博宝亚洲体育women whose lives were inextricably linked to the sea.She tells of the 金博宝亚洲体育women of sailortowns struggling to keep out of […]更多


我们如何解释整个欧洲历史上对犹太人的迫害,在纳粹大屠杀的恐怖中达到高潮?The founders of the Zionist movement argued that the cause […]更多


Men of Fire Front Cover

The emergence of ‘New Unionism' in 1889,伴随着全国各地的罢工爆发,是工会中最不寻常和最重要的事件之一。更多



第一次世界大战期间,28 men from the Forest of Dean sought recognition as conscientious objectors rather than be called up to fight.This is the story of these men,the options […]更多


Turbulence Front Cover

Turbulence describes how the expanding armaments industry of the First World war drew thousands of unskilled and semi-skilled workers – 金博宝亚洲体育women as well as men- into 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol's […]更多


"Every intelligent person now admits that the antagonism among the nations of Europe that led to competition of armaments and the present world war was fundamentally due to a […]更多

Lady Blackshirts


During the 1930s a small group of ultra-nationalistic 金博宝亚洲体育women,who considered themselves feminists,加入了奥斯瓦尔德莫斯利的英国法西斯联盟。Surprisingly some of these 金博宝亚洲体育women […]更多


Smoke Dragon front cover

爱德华·卡彭特(1844-1929)是最进步的思想家之一,19世纪末20世纪初的作家和活动家。He was an early supporter of the 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol […]更多



盎格鲁-天主教徒向左转,Hugh Holmes Gore,was a key figure in 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol's labour movement during the last two decades of the nineteenth century.与戈尔有关的克利夫顿更多

The Maltreated and the Malcontents


The history of 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol's Great Western Cotton Works in Barton Hill,1838年开业,is little known.The story of its workforce — mainly low-paid 金博宝亚洲体育women and children — has […]更多

Recent Events


纪念活动,Conflict & Conscience festival weekend will be closed by Bruce Kent of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)更多

Event Suite: Conscience Panel

丰富而复杂的历史:对第一次世界大战中的军队的认真反对(Lois Bibbings),这篇演讲回顾了我们对反对者的了解——就他们的[…]更多


一部关于纳尔逊独立工党克拉利昂议院及其在参政者和有责任心的反对者斗争中的作用的电影。The Clarion Cycling Club was formed in […]更多

Room 3: Student Voices After The Great War



“良心的程度”(Catharina Clement)三个法庭的故事,罗切斯特,Chatham and Gillingham in North Kent,以及他们如何对待那些有责任心的反对者。[…]更多


戏剧1:《心中的战争》——约翰·巴塞特,Spaniel In The Works Theatre Company This new powerful dramatic performance looks at the lives of real people affected by shell shock in the […]更多


A 30 minute documentary telling the stories of some of those who defied the call to arms in World War One.The bravery,困难,第一次世界大战中战斗人员的牺牲和悲伤是更多

Room 2: 金博宝亚洲体育Women and Opposition To War – 2

“发起一场争取和平的运动是金博宝亚洲体育由妇女决定的!”布拉德福德女子人道主义联盟,1916-18 (Eve Haskins) Existing research on female war resistance in Britain focuses mainly upon […]更多


一部讲述第一次世界大战如何塑造甘地在印度崛起和走向独立的纪录片。Focusing on the bloody mutiny of the Indian battalion in […]更多

Room 1: The campaign to clear Alice Wheeldon's name

Led by Alice's great-granddaughter,Chloë Mason,this session will look at the campaign to clear the names of Alice Wheeldon,温妮和阿尔夫·梅森回顾了[…]的历史。更多


The In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres,一个关于第一次世界大战的文化和跨国博物馆the infamous bulge in the front line around the Belgian […]更多

Room 2: 金博宝亚洲体育Women and Opposition To War – 1