Proposed location of Museum/Visitors Centre at the Seaman’s Mission and Chapel on the corner of Prince St and Royal Oak Ave.

A Vision for former Seaman’s Mission and Chapel, Bristol

目前由Sam Smiths Brewery(约克郡)拥有


After the rejection of our plans for Abolition Shed 1, alternative locations were then considered. These had to be within the parameters of our initial vision:

  • In a highly visible central location, where the history actually happened
  • 在其他游客网站之外,具有良好的交通链接

履行这些要求,然后考虑这三个新位置: -

  • 前挪威联盟建筑工地在高街(圣玛丽 - 港口)
  • St Thomas the Martyr Church, Redcliffe (near the Seven Stars pub)
  • The old Seaman’s Chapel and Mission, Royal Oak Avenue, Queen Square (near Pero’s Bridge)


被送到新位置选项Cllr Mark Wright (Lib/Dem, Hotwells and Harbourside), a keen supporter of Abolition Shed 1, and he came down strongly in favour of the third location:

我非常有兴趣看到你可能的新位置 - 特别是我认为海员的教堂将是一个好主意。多年来,作为该地区的议员(2005-2016),我试图通过CPO [强制采购订单]将其重新焕发使用,但对其进行兴趣很少。但是佩罗的桥梁的位置,甚至名称实际上与这个项目相得益彰。我似乎记得里面处于一个非常可怕的状态,但随后这些废弃的建筑物是不可避免的。I have a vague recollection that the building is currently owned by Sam Smith’s Brewery, as is the derelict eyesore plot next to Arnolfini – they have never had any intention of doing anything with the land, and are uncooperative, but if the Council backed a CPO with cash it could work. Ideally the Council would do both those plots at the same time!

Proposed location of garden of remembrance on Narrow Quay

The other plot Cllr Wright mentioned is the patch of derelict waterside land on Narrow Quay, just yards from the Seaman’s Mission, and situated between the Arnolfini and Architecture Centre. The patch of land could become a perfect Garden of Remembrance with more than adequate room for an international Memorial to the Victims of Enslavement – an ideal space for remembrance and reflection.


The Seaman’s Mission is currently on the “At risk” list of Bristol buildings.Pevsner的布里斯托尔建筑指南金博宝亚洲体育had this to say about the buildings way back in 2004:

At the SW angle of No. 46 [Queen Square] is the disused Seamen’s Mission by Voisey & Wills, c.1880, an institute with chapel above. The w front bombed in 1940 and appallingly refronted with the most utilitarian concrete structure, now derelict. It demands imaginative reuse.

View of Seaman's Mission and Chapel from Royal Oak Aved

Marshall和Kendon Architects的Sam Kendon创造了一个小教堂和邻近克里克的草图,作为解释中心,没有任何重大拆迁:


最初的一部分原来的C.1700皇后方向发展,该地区充满了商人的房屋和仓库。在1831年的改革骚乱期间,这部分广场完全被摧毁;在创建海员的使命之前,该网站没有重建。毗邻佩罗桥的Farr的车道被命名为此名称的奴隶交易员,而王子街道汇编室 - 许多反奴隶制会议的场景 - 只是院子里。




As per Abolition Shed 1


As per Abolition Shed 1

Revised History Hub

目的地Bristol工作派对,布里斯托尔市博物馆档案馆和图书馆金博宝亚洲体育由长约翰银信任(RLS ECR),反击COLSTON和布里斯托尔根本历史集团[BRHG]金博宝

Funding and Future

Grant funding applications made by all three community groups inside the Collective.


We need to rely on the knowledge and expertise of Bristol City Councils Museums, Archives and Libraries. Once in place it is proposed that the Abolition Shed project adopts the economic model currently employed by the SS Great Britain.

“The cause of Abolition was the world’s first great Human Rights Campaign.” – Adam Hochschild

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