‘Hitler’s British Traitors’ covers a subject that was largely considered either taboo or dismissed with contempt until recently, namely the idea that if Nazi Germany had managed to invade Britain, particularly when they had a potential capability to do so in 1940-41, that they would have found a substantial cadre of collaborators on a level with Quisling Norway or Vichy France; one that was not only relatively numerous but also in many cases very highly placed in the nation’s establishment circles, being both ready and eager to do Hitler’s bidding.

蒂姆·泰特provides us with this history, using as he has done Whitehall and MI5 records dating from the 1930s and 40s – the majority of which were subject to an inexplicable delay in their release, both after the ’50 year rule’ was reduced to 30 in 1967, and even after the Freedom of Information Act in 2000. Many documents are sadly lost to us, partly thanks to a bombing fire that consumed many of MI5’s records at the time, but others were weeded out and destroyed at a later date, probably due to ‘concerns over national security’ (all MI5 files on known Nazi-sympathising members of the British Royal Family for example had been removed). Still others may yet be withheld, so this research that Tate has embarked upon is not necessarily over.

Tate begins his tale by acknowledging that he is touching on a highly sensitive issue, one which certain quarters may find offensive, undermining as it does the belief of ‘in 1940 we (“we?”) stood alone’, and ‘everyone from all social classes joined together to fight Hitler’, tropes long embedded into the national mythology of the UK.

不过,现在释放,并分析了泰特的记录告诉不仅是成千上万的崇拜者纳粹帮凶,并愿意间谍和如何公然他们往往对他们的同情网络的故事,也是无能的近难以置信的水平和官僚内讧即dogged the British authorities’ attempts to deal with the menace. Not to mention, of course, the marked reluctance to out ‘known traitors’ due to their connections within the highest ranks of the national establishment.

故事的间谍末开始于1937年,当苏格兰和德国代理的机会,曝光透露军情六处的德国相当于一个已经根深蒂固的渗透网络上运行 - 在阿勃维尔- 一个跨越,不仅从欧洲到英国,但甚至还可以直接横渡大西洋到美国。官方机密的1911年至1920年的行为被认为是不适合起诉有关间谍的目的,此外,英国国内安全机构(MI5)的下一个近零水平的资金,并没有一个得力干将操作十几。


在宣传战线的德国纳粹已经取得了很大进军英国建立圈子,衔接不仅像法西斯的英国联盟(BUF)交感神经政治组织,但也有贵族传统上占主导地位内部的权力和影响力的关键岗位大英帝国。In 1936, Mr Tate reveals that Ribbentrop, the then German ambassador to the UK, helped to fund extravagant balls in both the German embassy and the stately homes of Britain’s elite, where SS officers in full uniform danced with society ladies ‘in honour’ of the Nazi regime.

知名的英国纳粹,剧毒反犹太主义和Axis间谍的名单又被检查,其中大部分是可以的,挺不可思议的,骑出对他们的自由或社会地位很小或没有影响的战争,甚至当他们公开协助敌人。这些措施包括巴克卢公爵,乔治船长德拉蒙德(公主伊丽莎白和玛格丽特的骑马训练师),海军上将巴里Domville爵士,乔治巷皮特 - 里弗斯(表妹通过婚姻温斯顿·丘吉尔),少将J.F.C.富勒(参谋和坦克战专家),主塔维斯托克(4首富英国)和阿奇博尔德·莫尔拉姆齐(苏格兰边境保守党国会议员谁把他的座位和薪水整个战争,即使拘留帮助绘制亲纳粹政变),到威廉弗朗西斯·福布斯Sempill,前一战王牌飞行员,被法西斯和重复犯罪,因为谁依然坚持到在空军部一个敏感的工作为的持续时间20世纪20年代日本间谍的真正令人震惊的故事战争。

说明问题,泰特对比这些良好连接和高特权法西斯的合作者的命运与谁被吸进犯下背叛最工人阶级的元素 - 流浪者和小罪犯,大多数人收到的辛勤劳动的长句有四个谴责死亡(其中,两句话获得通过)。在这两个极端之间均出现大量的中产阶级法西斯运营商。这些要么扣留(例如莫斯里和管弦乐队的指挥沃恩 - 威廉姆斯)或转向进入和通过“秘密盖世太保细胞”的显着MI5假标志有效地中用于战争期间操作,从1942年至1945年RAN。

这是间谍捕手操作,如后者,这本书花费了大量的时间来描述,这有时我发现混乱和艰苦的,但我怀疑这种重视可能是少了一个,如果留给笔者会选择his own devices and more a consequence of the ‘demands of the history book market’. This is unfortunate, because as a reader I was less enthralled by the clandestine shadow-play of secret agents and traitors – and more interested in how, had history and the twists of fate taken a different course, the deep-ingrained reactionary inclinations of the British ruling class (usually well-camouflaged under mainstream national propaganda) would have reached its ultimate extent in collaboration with, or as part of, the Third Reich.