For Bristol Radical History Week 2008 we turn our attention to three connected themes which have sent shivers down the spines of our rulers whether monarchs or ministers for a millennium…Regicide, Republicanism and Political Assassination. As the first people in modern times to have both created a Republic (hussar!) and tried and executed a traitorous king we have both an interesting and progressive history to explore. Starting with this momentous moment, The English Revolution, we will chart some of the radical currents that drove a dispute over the division of political power into a full blown revolutionary war where the people’s army often dictated the terms of the new Republic and decided to challenge the God’s by seizing the King and putting him on trial for war crimes.

With the torch of political freedom lit by the short lived but influential Republic (after all things are never the same again after you’ve carried out your first regicide!) we march onto the birth of modern Republicanism in the flames of the American and French Revolutions of the late 18th Century. It has always intrigued us why no one seems to know in England who Thomas Paine is or what he proposed. In the late 18th Century the man’s name was on everyone’s lips, whether frightened monarch, angry cobbler or mutinous sailor. We shall be looking at the debates that broke out in the fledgling English republican movement between old style ‘Norman Yokists’ , looking back to a mythical past and those who grasped the new enlightened ideas from the colonial upstarts and French revolutionaries. We will consider how the ideas of Paine and the French and American democratic models frightened our rulers and both inspired and divided the English Republicans as they stumbled down the insurrectionary path.



Listen to a BCFM interview (8 MB 17 mins mp3 file) were Roger covers the events of砍掉Thier头

Date Time Title 细节 With 链接
,2008 “抢银行是我的荣幸” 一个观众卢西奥·图娅和纪录片“卢西奥”的展示。 卢西奥·图娅
,2008 罗伊·贝利& Eirlys Rhiannon 英国民间传说支持本地创作歌手。 罗伊·贝利
,2008 弑君和英国革命 该诛杀暴君简介 - 杰弗里·罗伯逊著名人权律师杰弗里·罗伯逊QC检查国家元首的第一次审判 - 查尔斯一世,以及如何在历史上这一开创性的时刻[...] 杰弗里·罗伯逊
,2008 Political Assassins 复仇者&狂人 - 和宣传家的契税黎明现代恐怖主义。“彼得画家 - 完整的故事了! 马特·卡尔
,2008 幽灵暴力 托马斯·潘恩,乔治·克鲁克香克和年龄原因分析。 Ian Haywood

Opening The Archives 您将有机会观看在中央参考图书馆的布里斯托尔室与弑君和共和主要来源材料。金博宝亚洲体育由知识渊博,乐于助人档案黎明代尔和托管[...] Jane Bradley
,2008 English Republicanism 激进主义,君主和失落的自由的盎格鲁 - 撒克逊Egland一七九〇年至1820年史蒂夫 - 普尔虽然18世纪90年代的英国雅各宾派进行特征往往他们的敌人作为共和党人[...] Steve Poole
,2008 罗伯Johnson & The Irregulars/ Clayton Blizzard 由罗布·约翰逊回归到BRH。布里斯托尔的克莱顿暴雪的支金博宝亚洲体育持。 罗布·约翰逊
,2008 激进的历史和“公益” 为什么履历事项的?为什么激进历史更重要。社团法人和公益1381年至1649年。 戴夫·卡勒姆
,2008 的Surfin的萝卜/谁Afear'd /保罗McCoch 当地的传说的一个晚上。 Surfin' Turnips
Who's Afear'd
,2008 Off His ‘Ed: Regicide At Pucklechurch 但是威廉,LIBRO IJ°日Regibus,seyth(说),在Pulkirchirche这景福kepyng一个庆典,在seynte Austyn的庆典,并通过名称seyng一个thefe,Leof,sytte [日] ER amonge HYS gestes,就是他[...] Gail Boyle
,2008 What Is Social History? In a 1970 article advocating ‘social history as the history of society’, E.J.Hobsbawm concluded that it was ‘a good time to be a social historian’. ‘Even those of us who never set out to call […] 大卫Rollison
,2008 消防民间魔 Stories and music round the fire at the Boiling Wells site, St Werburghs City Farm; 7.30 - 10 pm. BYO drink. Tales told by Martin Maudsley and friends, with salty songs and feisty fiddle tunes from […] 马丁·莫兹利

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