March 2007 was the 200th在大英帝国的奴隶贸易议会废除周年。该废止的“庆典”是有争议的几个原因。作为一所学校的孩子们被告知,威廉·威伯福斯是改革帝国的最严重的暴行为所有人的利益的“国家的良心”。我们被教导什么政治,经济或人肉那漫天的英国统治阶级的两个库房和推动了工业资本主义贸易的军事方面的。而对于自己的奴隶他们很难进入辩论,如果他们做到了只为恐吓,摧残的受害者在拥挤的船只桎梏。为什么有这样的历史是教给我们这样的原因,为什么我们知道威尔伯福斯是谁,为什么我们不知道是谁托马斯·克拉克森,奥拉代·埃基亚诺Samuel Sharpeare and why our city still celebrates the slave traders with statues and by and large refuses to acknowledge either the slaves or the abolitionists.

In May 2006 year a debate was held in Bristol between a group of intellectuals and academics concerning the question ‘should Bristol apologise for slavery’. The next evening HTV news reported the event and the result of a poll of the audience showing 90% in favour of an apology by ‘Bristol’. HTV gleefully replied with their own street poll of ‘ordinary Bristolians’ that showed 90% were against an apology. Many respondents said quite rightly ‘why should I apologise, what have I got to do with it now?’.

The only physical thing that lives on from the millions of hours of forced labour of the slaves is the land and property purchased by the organisers and instigators of the plantation/slave system. The descendents of these slave-trading families are still benefiting from this. At the time Bristolians were not equal in either their complicity or the benefits they received from the trade. Many were themselves trapped in forced labour whether as impressed sailors, transported criminals, indentured servants or simply economically in the bondage of wage labour. In any case only 5% of the male adult population had the vote. So clearly not everybody was equally responsible. So who should be apologising for what? Of course, if the question had been ‘Should the Society of Merchant Venturers apologise for slavery?’ there would probably be a quite different response. It’s about time we challenged the idea that all Bristolians were equal in their complicity.

Bristol Radical History group planned a programme of events to both mark and critique the occasion.

  • The Slaves Who Abolished Slavery: the impact of the numerous slave revolts in the Caribbean on the end of the slave trade and slavery itself.
  • The ‘British’ History Of The Abolition: the politics of the ‘official’ history of slavery and its abolition.
  • The Black Radical Abolitionists: A new reading of Olaudah Equiano’s ‘Interesting Narrative’ and discovering black revolutionaries of the British abolitionist movement.
  • Bristol And The Plantation/Slave System: Discover the links between the vast profits made by slave owning families and the rise of industry in Bristol.


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,2007年 Black And Blue: The Social History Of Bristol Glass A walk with Jim McNeill which explores the history of Bristol Blue glass and reveals its links to slave money. Jim McNeill

Opening The Archives: The Abolitionist Movement In Bristol View primary source material at Bristol Central Library. Dawn Dyer,
Jane Bradley
,2007年 La Ultima Cena A Cuban Film by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
,2007年 Scandal! The Slave Profiteers Jim McNeill's contribution concentrated on how the Emancipation Act of 1833 awarded Bristol-based slave owners compensation of over £500,000 for the 'loss' of their slaves. Jim looked at how this […] Jim McNeill
,2007年 The Invisible Abolitionists And The Slaves Who Abolished Slavery How and why this history has been misrepresented and the impact of armed slave uprisings on the abolition of the slave trade and on slavery itself. Adam Hochschild,
Richard Hart
,2007年 Bristol Abolition Pub Night 在18世纪末期,奴隶船船员和废奴主义者在七星酒吧遇见绘制奴隶贸易的结束。加入我们在这个历史性的里程碑布里斯托尔用于绘图的一金博宝亚洲体育个晚上,[...] 马克骏马,
Surfin' Turnips
,2007年 Caribbean Struggles After Slavery Richard Hart: Key figure in the politics of the Caribbean of the 20th century. Trade Union and political activist in Jamaica, Guyana and Attorney General of Grenada; a post he held until the American […] Richard Hart
,2007年 Black Radical Abolitionists 2007年3月第200届anniversar标记y of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire. One of the turning points in the campaign to abolish the slave trade was the 1789 publication of The […]

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