Rosie Sleightholme

WW1 songs about conscription,politics and war resistance

民谣歌手罗西·斯莱特霍姆(“非常棒的”BBC威尔士电台)将演唱一系列关于征兵的第一次世界大战歌曲。politics and war resistance.The songs Rosie will perform have been used in Otherstory Puppetry's history walk 'Steps Against War'.

Exhibition: A colour chart for killing


在一百周年纪念活动中,第一次世界大战的谬论“结束所有战争的战争”为英国作为一个军事国家的遗产提供了一个宝贵的平台。The exhibition aims to provoke reflection on the little acknowledged fact that the UK has engaged in almost continuous warfare ever since.A Colour Chart for Killing is a series which explores the relationship between ‘first world' domestic culture,以DIY家居改善的愿望为代表,[…]


金博宝亚洲体育布里斯托尔大教堂,大学绿金博宝亚洲体育Bristol BS1 5TJ

'The Art & Nature of Conscience' explores World War 1 conscientious objectors' thinking about conscience alongside their words and artwork.It also show-cases contemporary artists' reflections on these men,包括斯蒂芬·劳的新作《绝对主义者的地位》(如图)。


Discovering untold stories of Bedminster people in the First World War

Otherstory puppetry will be leading a history walk using the medium of puppetry to tell the untold stories of Bedminster people who resisted the First World War,他拒绝杀人。Otherstory have devised and organised the walk with local people and in collaboration with Remembering the Real World War 1.The walk will start from the foyer of M Shed,过河,wind its way through Southville,沿着北街和东街的一部分,ending up at the Steam Crane pub.At points […]



对于这个项目,David Harbottle (vocals,acoustic guitar and stomp box) and Freya Jonas (vocals,harmonium and concertina) have reimagined several songs from the WW1 Conscientious Objectors (COs) Songbook.Whilst the words of the songs remain untouched,the duo have composed new vocal melodies and musical arrangements for each piece,breathing new life into the songs but allowing the words to speak as they once did.David and Freya have recorded and pressed onto CD the three songs from the COs […]


英国广播公司电视台的“单反”明星,保尔·麦克盖恩in conversation with Lois Bibbings from Remembering the Real World War 1 and the University of 金博宝亚洲体育Bristol.

The Red Violinist

以六段音乐插曲为例的Eduard Soermus演讲,一位爱沙尼亚小提琴家,第一次世界大战结束时住在梅瑟特·泰德菲尔,1919年被英国驱逐出境。导致他被驱逐的“讨价还价”音乐会由认真的反对者摩根·埃文斯(后来是一名国会议员)主持,布尔什维克支持索埃姆斯的音乐会上的辩论。the Independent Labour Party pacifist Evans and an outraged soldier in the audience dramatically illustrates the division of […]

Otherstory puppet theatre: ‘Taking a Holiday'

Taking a Holiday is a tale of conscientious objectors and others who went on the run from conscription during the First World War – and of the networks that supported them.一个充满阴谋的战时斗争故事,逃逸,comradeship…and bikes.在你自己的国家逃亡是什么意思?Who will give you a bed for the night,a job… or a means of escape?一个以1916/17年普通人的真实故事和隐藏的故事为基础的桌面和影子木偶表演。

Event Suite: Conscience Panel

A rich and complex history: conscientious objection to the military in the First World War (Lois Bibbings) This talk revisits what we know about objectors – in terms of their thoughts,motivations,decision-making and actions as well as how they were seen and treated – in order to reflect on the importance of portraying this (and other) rich and complex stories of protest and resistance.John Percy Fletcher,Thomas Gregory,and the Quaker campaign against compulsory military training in New […]


Commemorating Conflict,建设和平

Between 1914 and 1918,young people fought and fell on the battlefield in unprecedented numbers.Our event captures the voices of those who survived the conflict and returned to study at college or university,supported by the first government grants for higher education.退职学生计划帮助原本无法负担高等教育的个人,并且增加了大学的数量。While mourning the fallen,this generation built a student […]